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Waist Beads

Item Description

Waist beads are worn both for style and fashion as well as for wieght management. 

All Over You Designs will design a custom strand for you based on the options you provide.  The specifics of our waist beads are:

  • All strands are created with 60 inches of beads on 70 inches of stringing material
  • AOY Waist beads are strung using Beadalon Wildfire brand of bonded thread.  The thread is extremely strong and it is doubled inside the beads. Please note: Waist beads are MEANT to be strung using thin but securable STRING when created for weight management so the strand is able to be cut, shortened and retied for a more snug fit upon reaching weightloss goals.
  • Pricing based on selected styles:
    • Style A - Basic - Beads made of glass, strung in a color or randomized color mix of your choice
    • Style B - Styled - Beads made of various material (ex: glass, polymer clay, marble, etc) & strung in a color or color mix (up to 3 colors) of your choice.  Beads are strung in a pattern set by the Designer.  A preview of the pattern will be provided. 
    • Style C - Intentions - Beads made of specific gemstones chosen to match the desired traits one wishes to call to themselves, strung in a 12-inch pattern set by the Designer - banked on either side by coordinating glass beads.  A preview of the Intentions pattern will be provided.  You may provide up to 3 different intentions to be built into the strand. 


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