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About AOYD


         My name is Sharia and I am All Over You Jewelry (by me lol).  I discovered the joy of creating jewelry just a few years ago when I was forced to make a pair of earrings for my youngest daughter.  She'd had an ear-piercing mishap (yep, I tried to pierce her ears and it was NOT pleasant). Anyway, making a long story short, I was tasked with MAKING a pair of earrings for her that had a screw back.  Well, we got so many compliments on them that I decided to see what else I could make with my own hands and things took off from there.  

          At this time, I do not yet have the luxury of being able to create with 100% of my time (because I work for Uncle Sam) and he requires all of my attention during the day.  I spend my evenings and weekends creating beautiful pieces of jewelry that will compliment any clothing worn with it.  Purchase from me knowing that your jewelry was created with a deep desire for you to love it as much as I do.  Each piece is my favorite - whether it was created a few days ago or several weeks ago - I love everything I create! I  offer for sale to you, all of my favorite pieces - things I would not hesistate to wear myself. 

          I use a variety of beads - to many to name - but everything is either glass, crystal, wood or natural gemstones.  All non-stretchy strung jewelry is strung using either Fire-Line or Accu-Flex 49-strand steel coated wire.  I use both Sterling Silver and Silver filled wire and beads.  I take the utmost pride in my jewelry designs and everything is OOAK (one of a kind).  Although everything listed for sale is available, I happily take custom orders as well.
                                                                                Thanks for stopping by!!!