Loc and Braid Accessories

Decoration for your locs. Although labeled "Loc Jewels" these miniature hair decorations can be worn on braids (both coarse hair as well as silky hair).

 If you need a larger or smaller size or to order a custom set of Loc Jewels, please use the custom order form.

There is no additional charge for custom Loc Jewels up to 12mm. Loc Jewels with diameters of more than 12mm will incur a price increase of $.50 for every additional 1-3 millimeters..

¤Select loc jewelry that is about 1 or 2 mm smaller than your locs. This will ensure a nice snug fit on your loc.

¤Sisterlocs loc jewelry can be tricky, but consider slipping several sisterlocs into one 4mm loc jewel or ordering them custom with holes as small as 1-2mm.